CarA broken antenna, a malfunctioning AC, or a small dent on your car are issues that you need to fix, although you can still put them off for a while.

However, when your car’s engine starts failing, then the car is little less than a costly paperweight. The good news is that many simple signs inform you there’s trouble under your car’s hood. has got you covered.

1. The engine is shaking

Does your car turn over okay, but start shaking as soon as it starts running? That could be an indication that the spark plugs are bad. It’s normal for any car’s spark plugs to wear out over time.

If not, it could be that the hoses are loose or damaged. You could have an auto body and engine repair specialist fix the problem promptly before it gets worse.

2. The check engine light is on

Manufacturers made the check engine light to let you know immediately there’s an issue with your engine. It could be that the engine is losing power, has a loose gas cap or is seriously misfiring. As soon as it illuminates, drive into the next auto repair shop to have an engine diagnostic test.

3. There are all kinds of noises under the hood

If you notice noise galore the moment you start your vehicle, like hissing, knocking, popping and spitting under the hood, then there could be trouble brewing in your engine. An abnormal combustion flow usually causes such noise. Have a mechanic check the problem and fix it ASAP.

4. There’s a bad odor

Just like noise, a noxious odor coming from your car’s exhaust system indicates that there could be a problem with your engine. The odor may mean that the car’s internal combustion engine is failing. That calls for immediate servicing by a professional.

Your vehicle will usually give you clear indications when its engine starts to experience failure. By knowing these signs early in advance, you can get the problem resolved before catastrophe strikes.