people thinking about marketing strategies in the officeEvery oil company goes through tough times when business is slow. While it may seem like a good idea to cut back on your marketing efforts during difficult times, this approach may do you more harm than good.

Slashing your marketing today will only reduce the number of your client in the future. It’s smarter to make your marketing budget yield more. Read on to learn how to do so.

Find a reliable marketing agency

While having a team of marketing personnel seems like a good idea, it may also be costly. Not only do you have to pay each employee a decent salary; you also have to give incentives and benefits to motivate them. It’s more affordable to simply pay an oil and gas marketing company a flat rate fee to do the job for you.

Do away with the excess

When it comes to marketing, size does matter. Placing large ads in magazines and newspapers does little to boost consumer confidence if you do it sporadically. It’s better to use smaller ads consistently. Not only do these ads save you money in marketing; they also appeal to the consumers more when used repeatedly.

Market to your die-hard fans

Don’t spend all your resources chasing new consumers. It’s far more effective and cheaper to focus on your existing customers. They are easier to reach and keeping them happy brings in more profits. And since they already love you, every dollar you invest in marketing to them bears greater returns.

Stick with what works

Before you scrap the promotion that you’ve been using for the last few years, think again. Does it still produce the desired results? If so, then don’t trash it just because you’re starting to feel bored with it. Stick with it, especially if you don’t have too much money to splash on a new marketing campaign.

The secret to running a sustainable marketing campaign is by making lean budgets yield beefy returns. By hacking away the unnecessary and doubling up on what is working for you, you can get more for less.