bedroom designYour bedroom is the one room in the house where you should feel most comfortable. If this is not the case and the space is not cozy enough for you, you can always change things up to make it more inviting. There are many different ways you can add to the comfort and design of your bedroom.

Old bedrooms, in particular, are a great canvas for exercising your creativity. All you have to do is bring out the best details and replace the rest with something new. Here are some design tricks you can do to transform your old bedroom into a cozier retreat:

Pile on More Pillows

If you have a Queen-sized bed or something bigger, do not shy away from adding more pillows. Huge, fluffy pillows can easily make your snoozes that much more comfortable. It is also best to have a mix of pillow case designs. Combine large prints with ones that have geometric designs.

Dress Up the Dresser and Mirror says bedroom furniture is something that homeowners in Salt Lake City value; those engaged in home improvement projects aim for these to be functional and aesthetically pleasing as well. The dresser and mirror, for instance, are great focal points in your bedroom design. You can dress them up by putting a light fixture near them.

Do Not Leave the Walls Blank

Empty walls might leave your bedroom short of design elements. To remedy this, you can put wall decals on it or choose a good wallpaper design to please the eyes. You can also hang graphic quilts to give the space a dramatic effect.

Tidy Up the Clutter

Lastly, tidy up the clutter so that you have space for additional design items. Make use of the available storage space, and keep everything that is important to the overall design. You may also use repurposed storage spaces to up your room’s aesthetic and functional value.

You can make your old bedroom look and feel new again. After doing these design tricks, you might never want to leave your cozy retreat ever again.