job interviewJob searchers know the important role the recruiter plays in the whole job-hunting process. Indeed, with a recruiter helping you search for a suitable employment, you will likely receive more and better opportunities than otherwise.

While there are many recruiters available today, finding a good one is almost as difficult as landing a good job. Here are a few tips to help you find a good recruiter Perth jobseekers trust.

1. Contact Professionals You Know

First, contact experienced professionals you know, as there is a good chance that they may have worked with recruiters in the budding stages of their career. Try to connect with recruiters who specialise in your field, as they are more likely to find a more relevant job for you. Additionally, you can call employers in your industry directly as well, and know which recruiter they use.

In case the professionals you know did not go through a recruiter, fret not. They can still give you good referrals to those they know – or even land you a job directly.

2. Use the Internet

Another excellent tool to use when on a search for a good recruiter is the Internet. Starting from LinkedIn, there are host of other websites that you should browse to learn more about recruiters related to your field.

3. Don’t Forget the Good Ole Print Media

While online search is certainly convenient, going through the tried-and-tested local media is always a good idea, as recruiters often present their openings here. Find their names and then search for their details online – you will get a better insight about the recruiter this way.

Finally, remember that instead of contacting a number of recruiters, develop relations with only that are more relevant to your career ambitions. Establish strategic relations with these few, be professional when you deal with them and there is no reason why they should not find you the right employment in no time.