Selection of car tires

Earthmoving equipment like bulldozers, backhoes, tractors and harvesters, are essential to major construction projects like roads and buildings. These behemoths traverse through virtually all types of terrain to dig, push, load, and haul tons of earth during the construction project’s initial phase.

For all their power, earthmoving equipment, just like most vehicles, cease to function properly when they suffer from a flat tyre. What makes it worse for these types of equipment is that when this happens, it takes a much longer time for the tyre to be replaced and requires quite a number of people to do so, due to the size and weight of the equipment and tyre itself. For construction projects that run on a tight schedule, this downtime causes an unwelcome delay. Unfortunately, the nature of the terrain that these equipment go through almost always ensures that flat tyres will happen.

Puncture Proof Tyres

Fortunately, advancements in tyre construction technology have resulted in the creation of tyres that will not end up flat. According to Tuff Stuff, several approaches were taken to create these tyres puncture-resistant, from the installation of solid support systems within the tyre itself, to filling the tyre with synthetic substances instead of air, and even solid tyre construction.

There are three good reasons why you should install these types of tyres on your earthmoving equipment:

  1. Low Maintenance. There is no need to regularly check these tyres for punctures or measure air pressure prior to deploying to the project site.
  2. Better Stability in all Types of Terrain. These tyres are better at handling virtually all types of terrain because the integrity of their design translates better traction, which translates to better load bearing capabilities.
  3. Less Equipment Downtime. Because they are able to maintain their shape and strength throughout their lifetime, they last longer. This translates to less downtime events, savings in replacement costs, and optimal utilisation of equipment time.

Good Investment

It always makes sense to invest in things that will pay for themselves in the long run. Investing in tyres for earthmoving equipment that won’t end up flat is one of these.