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Subaru is one of the world’s leading car brands when it comes to overall design, performance, and engine power. Subaru’s Impreza WRX made a massive reputation across the world. Many car enthusiasts coin it as the world’s strongest car.

While this specific car model is already top-notch, there are some modifications that can make it more reliable. Just make sure to consult a professional in case you’re not familiar with this brand. Consider looking for a Subaru mechanic online.

To help you get started: Here are some of the best mods ideal for your WRX:

1. Upgraded “Blow Off Valves”

Upgrading the blow off valves or BOV is the best alternative for larger turbochargers. Apart from this mod is more affordable, it provides almost the same results. In fact, many WRX owners prefer using the stock turbocharger. As long as you upgrade to a more powerful bypass valve, there will be no problem boosting the throttle body.

The usual problem with WRX’s stock turbochargers is that the boost levels can leak, which makes the overall performance weaker in the long run. This can cause the BPV to malfunction as there will be irregularities with the airflow in the valves. So, if you’re planning to run on high boost levels, it is best to upgrade the BOV or BPV. This can enhance better air circulation when running at high speed.

2. Install Front Mount Intercooler and Piping

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Unlike other car models, most Subaru cars took a different approach when it comes to scoops. You can take advantage of this feature for better airflow to your unit’s turbocharger’s intercooler. Consider installing a front mount intercooler device to improve engine performance and radiator’s efficiency.

Powerful engines are prone to overheating. With this mod, you can boost performance, safety, and stability. This can make a difference when it comes to maintaining the ideal temperature of your car’s interior. However, when you switch to front mount intercooler, you should also upgrade the piping system. This is to provide more support to the newly installed intercooler.

3. Go for Downpipe and Catback Exhaust

You might haven’t heard this one yet, but WRX along with Impreza EJ20 and STI have unequal length headers for the engine. As a result, there’s also an uneven exhaust pulse, which can reduce peak horsepower.

If you want to maintain stability while increasing its power, the best option is to switch to headers with equal length. This enables the turbocharger to spool up faster and spin faster. As a result, your unit can increase horsepower, torque, and efficient throttle response. This also improves the sound produced by the engine.

Safety Reminder

Once you have made huge boosts on your Subaru’s engine power and intercooler, it is highly advisable to schedule an appointment for service check-up. This is to test the performance of your upgrades. Most car enthusiasts also suggest tuning up your overall interior to match the capacity of the engine power.

There are many other upgrades you should check out to improve performance and power stability of your Subaru’s WRX. Again, always consult a professional mechanic for better results.