Building an extensionPlanning a home extension can be tricky because you have a lot of options and directions to consider. But, your needs should be your top priority. Since this is a big decision that requires a big amount of cash, you need to hire a professional to assure the best results. To help you do this right, here are some tips that might make the process easier.

Set a Fixed Budget

Set a budget and stick to it. Keep in mind that the total cost of house extensions includes labour fees, government taxes and construction materials. Hire the best professionals that can help you in maximising your budget. Tell them what extensions you have in mind and ask them if they’re feasible based on your budget. If it’s not, ask them if there are any available workarounds or if they have better suggestions.

Think About the Future

Apart from what you currently need, you also must think about the future of your family. Ask yourself, will this extension be useful in the next few years? Instead of following design trends that may quickly feel outdated, just choose design features that will best showcase your home. If you’re planning to have more children anytime soon, prioritise building more bedrooms rather than recreational rooms.

Go for Ground-Level Extensions

Maximise the ground floor of your house first before thinking of adding anything to the second floor or starting a new one. Think of your lifestyle, hobbies and interests when deciding what extension to go for. If you love cooking, a cosy open-plan kitchen can be great to hold parties and barbecues.

The possibilities are endless because there are home extension ideas for any amount of budget and area. All you have to do is be more creative and imaginative to find the best one for your needs.