LGBT with heartsAre you in an LGBT relationship and want to start or grow your family with the help of a surrogate? You can get frustrated when you think of surrogacy, egg or sperm donation, and other fertility-related matters.

This is why the more you know, the better. A family lawyer can help you in this area.

1: Assisted Reproduction 101

Assisted reproduction is a way of starting or growing a family. You can say that assisted reproduction is the use of different medical means to give birth to a child. Some of these means are artificial insemination (or the injection of semen), in vitro fertilization (or the fertilization of an ovum outside the body), and egg or sperm donation.

2: Surrogacy & Contracts

In the case of asking for the help of a surrogate, you, as well as the surrogate mother, could find a surrogacy contract very useful. This contract will fill you in on all of your responsibilities – and what to expect. More importantly, this contract will let you stay away from confusion, fights, and stress due to the whole deal.

Do you need help with creating or pushing forward a surrogacy contract? If you do, an Albuquerque family lawyer can help you out. A lawyer (who specializes in family law) can give you tips along the way – assist you with relevant documents and explain the whole deal to you.

3: Child Birth Certificate

In most cases, the mother is a woman who bears a child — and, in this case, you can also think of her as the legal mother. Is this woman married? If she is, her husband becomes the legal father of a child. This is how it may go for non-LGBT couples.

On the other hand, for assisted reproduction in LGBT couples, it is not the same. Even if a woman is the one who gives birth to a child, it does not make her the legal mother of that child – and, the same goes to her partner. Her partner does not become a legal guardian of that child.

This is when you could use the help of a family lawyer. You can write off the birth mother’s legal right to the child. And, LGBT couples can be made the legal parents.