Person Looking for Furniture IdeasSince it’s where you not only get your much-needed rest but also do relaxing activities, your bedroom should be both comfortable and functional. And one way to make it so is by furnishing it. Take a look at three essential pieces of furniture that should be found in every bedroom.


The centerpiece of any bedroom, the bed is specifically where you’ll be doing your resting and sleeping. As such, you should carefully choose your bed. Do you want a cushioned headboard because you often read before going to sleep? Is a queen-size latex mattress, along with memory pillows, right for you? Will the soft and breathable bamboo comforters, sheets, and pillowcases help you sleep better? Ask yourself similar questions when planning to buy a bed.


Located right beside the bed, a nightstand is one practical piece of furniture. Whether it’s a simple table or one with drawers, a nightstand will let you keep things within reach, reducing the need for you to leave the comfort of your bed, especially in the middle of the night. Some of the items people usually place on a nightstand include a reading lamp, alarm clock, books and magazines, eyeglasses, and tech gadgets like cell phones and tablets.


Although its importance in the bedroom is often overlooked, a chair or any type of seat can help your room become more cozy and functional. It gives you another seating option aside from your bed. Perhaps you like reading by the window, and a comfortable built-in bench will make this possible. Or maybe you don’t like sitting on your bed in your work clothes, so a simple chair will be useful when you want to take a breather before changing for bed.

There are many furnishings you’ll need for your bedroom, but a bed, nightstand, and chair are the items you really shouldn’t go without.