android phoneWhen you bought your Android phone, did you bother flipping through the pages of the manual? Of course not; everybody skips the reading-the-manual part. You just go straight ahead and explore the phone on your own. The truth is there are many interesting Android features that most users are unaware of.

Here are some awesome things you didn’t know your Android phone can do.

Blocking Calls and Texts

Did you ever experience nonstop calls and texts from someone? You can block those by simply choosing the “Call Block” option in the Call Settings. Type in the number of the person you want to block under the “Call Block List” in “Incoming Calls.”

Saving Typing Time

If typing every letter of your professor’s long surname is too much of a hassle, according to electronics experts from Anson’s, you can long press on that word and include it in your dictionary. When you type it in again, your smartphone will pop the word out, so that you can spare your precious fingers from doing work.

Naming Your Phone

Did you know you can name your phone so that when it gets lost, the people who will try to bring it back will have the sufficient information to find you? There’s a setting in your phone called Owner Info, which is in the Screen Security that allows you to put your name, email address and another phone number. The information will appear on the lock screen so that people will know the owner. An added security advantage is they will not have access to other data on the phone.

There are many Android users, but most don’t understand the extensive technology and capacity of their smartphones. If they will just be fully familiar of the awesome features of their phones, they can ensure secure and easy use.

Be smart in using your smartphone.