Janitor cleaning the hallwayIf you’re not particular about owning a glamorous business and just want to earn a decent amount of money in return for your services, then you really need to consider owning a cleaning business. Overhead costs aren’t as high as some other types of business, so you can expect a faster return on your investment.

However, if you’re hesitant to start from scratch, you can always start with a cleaning company franchise. This way, you won’t have to rent an office space or worry about the marketing side of the business. To give you a clearer idea, here are some advantages to owning a cleaning company.

Stable Industry

Houses and office spaces need to be cleaned on a regular basis, and most home and business owners are willing to pay somebody else to do it for them. So, there will always be a need for cleaners, making cleaning one of the most stable industries out there.

Low Overhead Costs

Owning a cleaning company isn’t that expensive as you might think. You do need to shell out an initial investment on supplies and equipment, but most of them are quite affordable. Plus, you won’t have to rent an office space. You can easily store the cleaning supplies and equipment in an offsite location or your garage, as long as your employees have easy access to them. Additionally, you don’t need to hire a lot of employees right away. You can start with just you and scale up when you have more clients.

Flexible Schedule

Another advantage many commercial cleaning franchise owners enjoy is the flexibility in their schedules, as they don’t have to work the usual 9-to-5 schedule. As a self-employed individual, you have the power to choose the best time for you to work, whether that’s seven days a week or afternoons only. And, on the plus side, you won’t have to brave the rush hour. You can start your day after it has passed, and finish up early so you can go home before it starts again in the afternoon.

Cleaning is definitely not a very glamorous or stylish business, but the potential to earn big is quite high. Plus, you don’t need specific certifications or qualifications to own a cleaning franchise. You just need to have determination and dedication to succeed.