Amazing diamond ringGetting engaged is perhaps one of the happiest moments for a couple. The proposal, on the other hand, is a jittery time for the future husband and wife. The guy has to come up with a romantic message, find a suitable venue for the proposal, and present a gorgeous engagement ring.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

They say diamonds make the best engagement ring, though the couple has the freedom to choose any gemstone. But more than the sparkle and glamour, a diamond ring from Utah spells a secret and more important message for the couple.

Depending on what you read, diamonds make the best symbol of betrothal because it is enduring – it is the hardest gemstone, after all. Thanks to the 1947 slogan “A Diamond Is Forever,” Hollywood cinema and fashion magazines also used the notion of diamonds as an unbreakable symbol of one’s love.

After the ring, what else?

You do not have to be limited to a diamond ring, however. You could add other diamond pieces to your ensemble to complete your “I-just-said-yes” look.

Pin a gorgeous brooch on your little black dress and let your diamond accessories sparkle in the night. Brooches may also be on scarves, hair, and the waist. A diamond headdress may look too flashy for some, but when worn right, can help you pull off a 1920s look.

Wearing engagement rings to interviews

Keep your look classy. Even if you are wearing accessories other than your diamond ring, it is important you do not look overdone, especially when you are in an interview. There is a huge debate as to whether you should wear your rock to your job interview, and some companies prefer that you remove them.

While wearing a big diamond engagement ring is a personal decision, it is susceptible to misinterpretation such as: you do not need the job (diamond rings are expensive and might be double your salary); it might seem to colleagues as an unnecessary expense, and; it distracts people during the interview.

It would not hurt to wear your diamond engagement occasionally. But with wearing it comes a responsibility: wear it as a symbol of your commitment to your fiancé, and not just a means to flash your rock so people would gawk at it.