Husband and wife not happy In the United States, thousands of marriages end in a divorce every year. And while new studies point out that it’s not as bad as the popular belief that half of the married people get divorced, the numbers are still quite considerable. However, it is true that the risk for divorce goes up amongst those already in their second or third marriage.

Before finalizing your decision to dissolve your marriage, it’s vital you reflect on its possible effects on your children and your ability to take care of them. Since you only want what’s best for your kid, you shouldn’t think twice about seeking legal advice from a Kent child custody lawyer. Also, take the time to consider the statistics below.

The county with the highest divorce numbers

King County, where the City of Kent is, remains the leading in term of having the highest divorce and annulment numbers. In 2014, it saw the separation and dissolution of 5,558 marriages. And while it went down in 2016, it’s still a concerning number, totaling to 5,398.

Statistics on child custody and support

More than 14 million parents have custody of a child (or children) aged 20 and younger, the other parent of whom lives elsewhere. About half of custodial parents also have child support orders that require the other parent to contribute to the support of their children. Furthermore, the total child support payments that custodial parents receive totals to approximately $23.6 billion. However, this amount doesn’t mean the total required amount enforced by the Washington courts.

Getting to know the statistics of this area of family law provides you with some level of understanding as to why people get divorced, but more importantly, that you aren’t alone. While marriage dissolution isn’t always the most appropriate course of action, in many cases, it is.