Water Heater Maintenance in Utah There are many things that homeowners take for granted and one of those is the water heater. Hot water is really essential for a lot of household chores and maintaining a water heater either on your own or through a service company will ensure a steady supply.

Here are a few tips that will help your heater work efficiently and beyond its predicted lifespan.

  • Thermostat setting: Set it at 120° so that the water isn’t scalding hot. Every 10° degrees lower will help in energy savings.
  • Clear space: Make sure to keep the space around the heater clear so that functioning isn’t impaired. Look up the manual for instructions – sometimes it may require insulation.
  • Draining the tank: Drain the tank regularly so that sediment and any debris are removed. A Draper water heater service company can also do this for you – it helps the unit to work efficiently and quietly.
  • Testing valves: Test the temperature and pressure relief valves once a year – this is useful in finding leaks and getting them fixed.
  • Checking anode rods: Check this rod every 3 years and replace if there are calcium deposits or other issues. A service company can do this too, as part of their contract.
  • Insulation: Insulation may be needed for an older unit. Use fiberglass jackets so that the unit is more efficient. Insulating hot and cold water pipes is also a good idea.
  • Settings: When you are out on vacation, don’t forget to put gas heater thermostats on a vacation setting. This will ensure that the pilot light doesn’t go out and water will not be heated. Normal settings can be activated once you get back from your holiday.

For those who are handy with tools and also interested in caring for their appliances, there is a lot of help available. Talk to representatives at the local home improvement store or look up the Internet for help. This will not only help you to save money but also understand how appliances work and how to care for them.