Knowing what to do during an emergency makes all the difference between life and death. Not all people in Brisbane receive first aid training as part of their job requirement, but it really should be a requirement. Whether you’re a teacher, a security guard, or a parent, knowledge about first aid is always beneficial.

first aid training

First aid training is easier than most people think, especially under the guidance of organisations like the Red Cross and Gateway Training Academy. These groups teach everything there is to know. They will also give you official certification after you’ve finished the course.

As a Job Requirement

Many companies require their employees to undergo first aid training. From security guards to dive team members, everyone needs to know some life saving techniques in case of emergency. To get certification, look for a first aid training centre in Brisbane CBD.

As a New Parent

Becoming a parent entails a significant amount of new responsibilities. To protect their little ones from harm, most new parents enrol in first aid training courses in Brisbane. In case help doesn’t come immediately, it’s best to know how to handle things on your own.

Emergencies happen anywhere, anytime. Someone may be injured at school, work or even at home. To reduce the risk, it’s important to know some first aid basics.