Splashbacks, chopping boards and worktops made of glass are some of the latest innovations in structural materials and indoor fittings for kitchens. They are contemporary and stylish, apart from being very hygienic to have in the cooking area. They have become the preferred alternative to traditional worktops and tiles in many houses in Perth.

kitchen splashbacksThe following are some of their common features:

• This is the material of choice if you are health conscious and have very young children in the family. They do not corrode or accumulate grease. In case of spills, you can easily clean them.

• Any oil or food stains even on the tiles cannot be cleaned completely in one stroke. But, with this material, if you use simple cleaning agents, you can get rid of dirt fast.

• This material is stain and mould resistant and really gives a smooth and untainted surface. Thus, cutting beet-root or raw meat will no longer cause any mess to your kitchen.

Well-made glass kitchen splashbacks, the worktops, the wall behind them and chopping boards can be kept clean and visually appealing with minimal effort.

• As the material is hard yet the surface area remains smooth, the germs and bacteria cannot hide or thrive on them. Thus, a simple spray and a clean swipe are enough to sanitise them completely.

• They come with self-adhesive backing and are easy to install. They are tough and can handle a significant amount of heat during cooking.

These products are widely used in wall areas behind the cooking surfaces. They are available in many attractive colours and sizes.

You can choose one that suits your kitchen decor and have it installed. Apart from the colours, you also have many effects to choose from. Some examples are galaxy glitter with subtle sparkles and black background colouring, or Popsicle with a retro fluorescent pink shade. Plain black and clear ones are also available, which can be very subtle. They are manufactured with UV stable technology to help maintain the colours and its effect.

To get a more stunning effect, you can combine them with some coordinated tiles and create your own designs and effects.