Jewelry Choice in BoiseWhen it comes to jewelry, is there a wrong way of wearing it? None, but sometimes our attitude towards it is wrong. Here are some things you should avoid when shopping for a piece.

Choosing a piece of jewelry because it is in

It’s alright to have trendy fashion items. An expert from says you can mix and match them with your classic collection pieces, or with your equally fashion-forward wardrobes. But to have one just to brag? The attitude is not so fashionable. A person’s cannot-wait-to-wear-it attitude even for the wrong occasion will give him/her away.

The solution: Proper timing. The more you can connect it with your personal style, the more likely you’ll feel confident and beautiful when you wear it. So, wait for those moments when you can do that.

Ignoring your frame, size, and skin color

Proportion can make or break everything that you wear. You can tell what’s wrong with a skinny woman with an oversized watch or a smaller lady with oversized gems.

The solution: Mind your body proportion and accept it. When you do, you’ll start looking for what complements your body frame, from a gem’s size, pattern, and color. It will save you time, too, since you know which jewelry stores in Boise can cater to your need.

Afraid to wear it subtle

There are people that always want it bold and loud, and it’s not a problem if they can pull it off. There are occasions, though, that call for subtlety like during an interview or a funeral service.

The solution: Wear simple, sophisticated gems. It can be conversation-starters too, especially if there is a story behind it.

If there is a lesson we can learn from the mistakes above, it is this: there is no right or wrong jewelry or dress. It’s about the choice we make when we wear them.

May we choose to highlight our personality, our truth, the next time we wear our gems.