Marina Bay
When planning a trip, people tend to choose places that not only give them amazing memories and experiences but also allow them to create the most interesting photos for their social media accounts, like Instagram. If you’re searching for a place where you can get the most artistic photos of your trip, Singapore is one of your best bets.
What makes this Southeast Asian country Instagram-worthy is more than just it clean and beautiful cityscapes, but it also has an interesting combination of traditional and modern architecture that creates a stunning backdrop to your images. Here are some interesting places to visit in Singapore that will help you improve your photography skills.

Sentosa Island

Sentosa is an island resort off the coast of Singapore. It has several attractions and places of interest where you could use your photography skills. Tanjong beach and Palawan beach offer interesting sights, while the highest point on the island, Mt. Imbiah, gives visitors an interesting bird’s eye view of Sentosa.

Orchard Road

One of Singapore’s main tourist attractions, this two-kilometre long boulevard boasts some shops, boutiques, malls, restaurants and entertainment areas that it has become the premier spot for window shopping and people watching.  This avenue got its name from the fruit trees that lined its road leading to several plantations. Now, it is still lined with big trees that are decorated to suit the festivals and holidays in the Singapore calendar.


Bugis offers exquisite culture, art, and nightlife. A walk down Haji Lane gives various wall art as your background. The Sultan Mosque, with its sleek architecture and colourful walls, is known for its impressive architecture and as an interesting photo subject. At night, you can drop by the bars and restaurants and sample Singapore street and hawker cuisine to end your trip on a culinary note.
These interesting places are only some of the areas in Singapore that can give you interesting subjects for your photos. They will be not only worthy of Instagram but also of precious memories that you will treasure.