Girl having trouble hearing

Ringing, buzzing, or clicking in the ears can be irritating and interfere with your hearing. If you are experiencing these, you might have tinnitus.

Sudden ringing or other unexpected noise in the ears that no one else can hear could be a sign of tinnitus. It is a very common auditory disorder, affecting as many as one in five Americans, and is usually a sign of hearing loss, injury, or infection to the ear. Rarely, it can be a sign of an underlying disease, such as circulation problem, a thyroid disorder, or a tumor.

What an Audiologist Could Do

Seeing an audiologist, recommends Chears Audiology, a private practice, is important for anyone experiencing intrusive auditory disturbances, to rule out associated illnesses that could require treatment – for example, thyroid hormone replacement therapy for a thyroid disorder. If an underlying illness is found, treatment will often result in a reduction or cessation of tinnitus symptoms.

An Audiologist Can Also Offer:

Sound Generators – These are wearable devices that emit soft sounds into the ear to mask the more unpleasant sounds associated with tinnitus. Sometimes this masking sound is a quiet hum, or sometimes the devices can use music. Patients who use sound generators may find that they can no longer hear ringing in their ears.

Neural Re-training – Another wearable device that emits a signal disguised in music. This signal can re-train the neural circuitry so the patient can hear correctly again.

Hearing Aids – If hearing loss accompanies tinnitus, wearing a hearing aid to improve hearing could make the symptoms less intrusive.

Cochlear Implants – For very severe symptoms, a cochlear implant can be considered. This can directly stimulate the auditory nerve while avoiding the damaged part of the ear, bringing the chance to hear normally.

Find a Solution

Don’t ignore the signs; immediately consult an audiologist to find out if you have tinnitus. They may discuss possible prevention or aural rehabilitation as necessary for your condition.