Person taking a photo of a car accident

Car Dent Repair: DIY or Leave It to the Pros?

Is repairing a car dent by yourself really as easy as buying a dent repair kit online? Searching through Google says it’s so, as lots of how-to articles would have you believe. But although some dent repair k...

White cargo van

Types of Automobile Oil Change Services Your Vehicle Needs

Cargo vans are an essential part of most businesses today owing to the push towards convenient delivery services. There are different types of cargo vans available, but few match the Sprinter van. Other than b...

Young kid playing cornhole

How to Improve Your Throwing Accuracy in Cornhole

Cornhole is many things. This game is an addictive pastime, an exciting party activity, and a fast-growing sport. Whether you’re planning for fun, money, or pride, learn how to score with consistency pays, e...

Couple lying beside boxes

Why Decluttering is a Must Before Moving Day

Decluttering takes on a whole new level of importance when you’re moving house. If you own a lot of possessions, then it makes sense to sell, discard, or donate some old items. With less clutter, you can ...

Family in front of house

Future of the Facade: Exterior Home Design Trends in 2019

Everyone is aware of how important interior design is to the overall aesthetic of a home. Exterior home designs are just as important because, though, as this is where people base their first impressions. So,...