Dental CareLosing a tooth can be an embarrassing and stressful business. Tooth loss is commonly associated with older people, and is sometimes seen as part of the natural ageing process. In fact, it can affect people at any age, and can have a number of causes. Whether you are 19 or 90, if you lose one or more teeth you should replace it – the sooner the better.

Among younger people, accidents and injuries are one of the primary causes of tooth loss – from mishaps such as falling off your bike to sporting injuries involving the head or face. There are precautions you can take in some scenarios – wearing a proper sports mouth guard when participating in games, for example – but accidents can and will happen, no matter how cautious you may be.

Sometimes a dentist can reimplant a tooth knocked out in an accident. Speed and protection are key here: if you still have the tooth be careful only to touch the crown and, if you can’t put it back yourself, put it in a clean container covered in milk or your own saliva, and get to the emergency dentist immediately.

But what if a tooth can’t be reinserted? PDC Dental Implants in Barnsley is a practice offering advanced implant dentistry. Dental implants can often be the best solution to tooth loss, because they provide the closest thing in terms of both function and appearance to natural teeth.

Dental implants aren’t exactly replacement teeth, more replacement tooth roots. They are the only way a dentist can replace the root portions of teeth, which is important both in ensuring your teeth stay firmly in place and in preventing shrinkage of the jaw bone – a common and distressing side-effect of tooth loss that can make traditional dentures loose and can alter the whole appearance of your face.

Implant placement requires minor surgery, which may be carried out under local anaesthetic or sedation. The implants then integrate with the jaw bone and anchor your teeth in place – just as natural tooth roots do.

The beauty of this treatment option is that a dentist can replace anything from one to all of the natural teeth with dental implants and crowns, dentures, or a bridge.