Going green and off the grid is becoming a priority for many Australian homes. Aside from the government rewards, the thought of helping the environment and cutting down on expenses is just too appealing to pass up.

solar power system

Harnessing the power of Mother Nature through a solar power system in your Australian home, as well as other energy systems, can help power your house and take it off the grid, and here’s how.

Solar Panels

Solar power systems in Australia are no longer a new thing, but they are becoming more advanced. Solar power companies continue to lower their prices as demand and competition becomes tougher. The panels are also becoming more efficient in converting the sun’s energy into electricity, giving homeowners all the more reasons to switch.

Solar Hot Water Systems

These systems provide radiant heat to your home, greatly reducing your monthly electricity bills. It cuts down on your usage not just for the water heater, but also for keeping the house warm.

Wind Turbines

Residential wind turbines are a great support for your home solar power system for those days when the sun isn’t out. This is a great way to power the house, as the newer models don’t need a strong breeze to turn and generate power.

These and other renewable energy systems are highly encouraged by the government, even providing incentives for homes that have these systems installed. It’s an investment that’ll only yield good things.