Car maintenanceMany people struggle with the skyrocketing car running cost to the point of skimping on essential repairs because they are running low on funds. Next to your home, your car is the second largest household expense. Other than the initial buying prices, you have to contend with the monthly car running cost including gas and maintenance.

In the excitement to own a car, many people rush through the process of buying one and it often causes them to incur a massive running cost. However, with proper planning you can keep your bills low and affordable, says a car expert from Austin Auto Repair.

Get It Right from the Get Go

Many people tend to choose cars through emotions rather than a logical decision, and it proves to be a great mistake. Other than purchasing a high-end car with high installments, they also go for fuel guzzlers. The saddest bit is that motorists only need a car to get them to work and back home but end up buying a truck capable of towing a boat. You are unlikely to put the vehicle to good use, but the bills will be high.

Don’t Skimp On Maintenance

High car repayments translate into little or no disposable income to cater to other pressing matters including car maintenance. A lack of routine maintenance lowers the lifespan of your vehicle and increases the likelihood of having a breakdown. For instance, failing to change the oil cause the engine to break down, costing you thousands of dollars in charges. If there’s a lack of preventive care maintenance, each trip to the car shop will prove to be an expensive affair. As such, you are likely to ignore small faults such the check engine light coming on, not knowing you are courting a disaster.

Your car makes an efficient way to commute between places, but you need to keep it in excellent shape to reap the benefits. By carrying out preventive car maintenance, you can keep the running costs low and affordable.