Videos on HomepageHomepage videos are quickly becoming a staple in modern web design. When before they were often considered as too bulky and intrusive to be useful, many experts now believe that the benefits far outweigh any potential drawbacks.

  • Stimulating multiple senses creates a much stronger impression than writing alone.
  • Mobile users prefer watching videos to reading large blocks of text.
  • Video marketing can actually help with SEO.
  • Return on investment is excellent, even when compared to other channels.

When properly implemented, a video on your homepage can increase engagement, encourage users to stay longer, and improve conversion rates. However, a poorly made one can accomplish the exact opposite. What factors make for an effective homepage video?

1. Be non-intrusive – It shouldn’t play automatically, take up a vast portion of the page, or otherwise get in the user’s face. The biggest complaint that people have about website videos is that it ruins user experience, so make sure to avoid annoying your customers.

2. Make it enticing – Of course, the video is useless if nobody clicks to view it. It should stand out, but without destroying the page’s design harmony. Pay special attention to your splash screen; it should hook the user’s attention, possibly with teaser text or a well-selected screenshot, and give them an idea of what the video is about.

3. Have a strong narrative – Don’t just dump information, make it memorable and entertaining. Great storytelling makes the difference between an unsuccessful video and a powerful conversion tool. According to, good video production companies in Minnesota can help with this.

4. Prioritize performance – Ideally, your video should never buffer while playing, or significantly increase page load times. The former will cause users to stop watching and just do something else while the latter means a higher bounce rate.

If you do decide to add a homepage video, don’t skimp on quality. It is part of your brand, and will affect the customer’s perception of your business.