PlumberIf you own a local startup business, it’s at your best interest to impress everyone who enters your establishment. Their first impression matters because they could either recommend you to their friends or tell them you’re no good. One thing you must prepare yourself is the possibility for all types of emergencies — this includes plumbing problems.

Some plumbing problems are more complicated than the others are. It’s up to you whether you will solve the problem yourself or call 24-hour plumbers in Salt Lake City, as puts it. Busted pipes, flooded bathroom, or leaky sinks could all damage your reputation if you don’t respond quickly and accordingly.

Here are some tips on handling plumbing emergencies while waiting for the professionals to arrive:

Be Proactive with the Problem

Your employees must know that when they see any signs of an emergency happening, they must immediately report it to you or the manager on duty. The quicker you know about the problem, the faster you can call a professional to handle it.

Turn Off the Water Valve

If you have access to the water valve, turn it off immediately to avoid further damages. If you don’t, ask permission from the building owner or security personnel. The valve stops water from flowing into damaged fixtures. All your employees should know how to do this.

Recompense Your Customers

If it comes to a point that your customers experience any kind of inconvenience, it’s best to give them something back. Apologize for the trouble this emergency might have caused them. Never let them go out of your establishment feeling disappointed, as this can harm your credibility.

Keep your cool and don’t panic when emergencies happen. Be prepared, handle it properly, and call for professional help as soon as possible.