The song “The Past” by Ray Parker describes the desire of a man wanting to put things back the way used to be. The lyrics “I must forgive you and you must forgive me too,” only conveys that he is willing to forget the past and start over again. In the middle of the song, however, it is described that the girl is reluctant to forgive, only keeping track of the bad memories and forgetting all the good ones.

couple reconciliationForgiveness is hard. In fact, most people entertain the idea of revenge to satisfy their own sense of justice. They wish to harm as they have been harmed to punish their offender. They think that revenge would be sweet and make them feel better.

Good for Relationships

Learning to forgive, however, is an important part of maintaining healthy relationships. Compass Family Counseling says the willingness to forgive is one of the most essential components of a positive relationship. It is good for you, your partner, and other people involved in your relationship.

Improving Relationship

Holding grudges against someone can only lead to conflict. Anger and negative emotions can cloud your judgment and cause you to see all the negative aspects of a situation. When you can’t move past emotional pain, it can be hard to have a productive relationship. Through forgiveness, however, you can try to mend a relationship. You’ll learn to take on a new perspective and have a more empathetic approach in most situations.

Less Negativity

By practicing the spirit of forgiveness, you will have less anger and start to appreciate a person’s good points. You’ll learn to focus more on the long-term effects of the bigger picture instead of acting on immediate urges. It helps you focus on long-term goals to prevent further conflicts and other behavior that result in more negativity.

Forgiveness can heal relationships. It enables you to think clearly and approach things the rational way. Sometimes, it is just better to forgive and forget and start over again.