Visit any art gallery in Perth and you’ll find works by painters like Monet, Matisse, and Magritte. But, even though you wish these works would grace your walls, it only takes looking at them to find skill with the paint.

commercial painters

Commercial painting and painters may be a far-cry from the masters, but they’re probably a dozen levels above what you could do on your own. To give you a general idea of how hard painting really is, try putting an even white coat on any wall; chances are, you’ll be fretting over little missed spaces, your shoulder will start to cramp up, and when you take a step back, you’ll find a wide area that’s lighter than the rest of your work.

This doesn’t even include all the small spaces that are over and under things. The saying ‘if you want something done right, you better do it yourself’ rings true for most situations, unless you have no idea how to do the thing you want done. In which case, you should say ‘if you want something done right, pay someone who’s won an award for doing it to do it’. It’s a mouthful, but in some cases, it’s the better alternative than wasting your breath and time on something that’s doomed to fail.