a woman comfortably sleeping under her sheetsFeeling too cold or hot is one the many things that can disrupt your sleep. This makes it important to check your bedding or blanket. If the sheets feel too hot, it will leave you tossing and turning. When you feel cold, however, you are likely to wake up with an aching body from tucking in just to stay warm during the night.

Bedding composition

Breathable bedding is essential, as it allows the air to move around under the sheets. It can make you feel comfortable, which will then help you stay asleep. This is why you should pay attention to the composition of the bedding. Natural materials like cotton can give you a better sleep than nylon and polyester. You might also want to buy bamboo sheets, which are soft, cool, and breathable.

The truth about thread count

A bed sheet with high thread count does not necessarily mean top quality. Thread count refers to the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric. Note that some sheets with a high thread count can be filled with low-quality thread or construction, making the fabric feels scratchy and thick. It is always better to choose a high-quality fiber with a lower thread count.

Colors and patterns

While the comfort of the sheets matter, you should also consider its color and appearance. Sheets with a busy design or bright color can be distracting when you’re trying to sleep. It may be a good idea to avoid bedding products with loud colors and patterns, as they don’t promote good sleep. Stick with calm and soothing colors for a restful slumber.

While you may pay more for quality sheets and other bedding products, it is always worth it as they can last longer. Avoid settling with cheap products that claim to be comfortable or have a higher thread count. Pay attention to the feel of the fabric and the composition of the bedding to get the right one that can encourage better sleep.

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