Rows Of Used CarsWhen shopping for a car, the biggest decision you need to make is choosing between one that just came out of a factory and one that already had a previous owner. Yes, nothing beats the smell of that only a brand new vehicle emits, but this does not mean that a used car no longer stands a chance in your decision-making. This is especially true when you have a limited budget that you want to make the most out of.

In addition to having a considerably lower price, there are plenty of other things that only a pre-owned automobile can give you, so make sure you consider working with a reputable Auckland car dealer such as Auckland Motors that offers this option too. Here are just a few of the areas used vehicles fare better at.

Stronger defences against depreciation.

Steeper price aside, the next largest drawback to opting for a new car is depreciation. New cars depreciate so much, and even more so in New Zealand, which experts say has the highest depreciation rate in the whole world. In fact, new cars sold in NZ drops so fast that their values diminish by more than half in their first year alone. And the start of their depreciation takes place as soon as you take a newly-purchased car home with you.

This considerable loss of value is something you do not have to worry about when you go pre-owned. They will still depreciate, but not as massively as their brand new counterparts.

Cost-effectiveness and practicality

Combine a much lower price tag with a lower depreciation rate, and used cars obviously are the more practical choice. In today’s time wherein practicality has become a necessity for many consumers in the New Zealand, used cars present numerous opportunities to save money. And of course, as long as you work with a trustworthy dealership, you also have more choices to choose from even with your tighter budget.