Nitrogen TankUsing nitrogen generator equipment in-house is rapidly becoming the norm in the workplace. Instead of spending limited resources on the transportation and conversion of liquid nitrogen, facilities are now reaping the multiple benefits of having their own nitrogen generators.

Not the least of these benefits is the significant cost reductions that facilities get when they no longer have to pay for rental, labour and system losses when they generate their own nitrogen inside the facility.

If this is your first time shopping for a nitrogen generator, it is important to know what specific system you need for your facility. Choose a system that provides room for growth, and pick a supplier with extensive experience in your industry.

Choose a Nitrogen Generation System

There are two main types of nitrogen generators: membrane and pressure swing adsorption (PSA) systems. For most facilities, a membrane generator is a cost-effective solution that fits their needs, but if you need 99.5% purity and above, a PSA is what you need.

Pick a Supplier with Experience in Your Niche

Nitrogen generators are useful in different industries, and different industries have different requirements. In wine, beverage and food packaging, for instance, you want a system that has sterile fittings, although these are not required in, say, a dry goods manufacturing facility.

Select an Expandable System

As a nitrogen generator is not cheap, it should be a long-term investment that pays for itself even as your business grows. There are many systems available today that allow you to simply add an extra module to accommodate increasing demands for nitrogen generation.

Go for Experience

With increasing demand in nitrogen generators comes an influx of suppliers who want to take advantage. Do not fall for companies who claim extensive expertise in the business. Do your research wisely and choose a provider with at least five years in the business of nitrogen generators, not nitrogen tyres or other related but very different industries.

When choosing a supplier of nitrogen generation, it is important that you do your homework first. Know what type of system the facility needs, and find a supplier that specialises in providing that system.