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AdWords PPC campaign

What Could be the Problem with Your AdWords Campaign?

You’ve already determined the keyword groups to use for your AdWords campaigns, but nothing seems to be working in your favor. It’s not always the keywords that are causing you to fail. They may do...


3 Business Decisions That Could Take Your Company Down

By now, you’ve probably heard that the vast majority of new companies, including those in the medical field, fail in less than two years. People gasp at this bleak reality, but they seldom take the time to fi...


4 Effective Ways to Reach Your Target Market

One of the cardinal rules of marketing is that you advertise mainly to appeal to a particular segment of potential customers that will need the product or service. Since marketing can cost a lot of money, it is...


How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Paid Advertising

Starting your own business can cost a lot. Whether you started in your own home or rented a place outside, there’s more to pay for than just the product or service you sell. Why add to the bills by paying...


4 Proven Ways to Get More from Your Marketing Dollars

Every oil company goes through tough times when business is slow. While it may seem like a good idea to cut back on your marketing efforts during difficult times, this approach may do you more harm than good. S...