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Ice Dams: Everything You Need to Know

  • October 13, 2017
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An ice dam is an ice build-up at the edge of your roof. It forms during winter, preventing melting snow to drain off your roof. If not removed immediately, it can cause the water to leak into your home and dama...


Know When You Need to Call a 24- Hour Plumber

Modern plumbing comes with many fixtures and components. From portable water to hot showers, you rely on your plumbing system daily for the most basic tasks at home. A professionally installed and maintained sy...


Rodent Extermination: What to Do Before and After

When you see a rat or mouse inside your house, don’t be so sure that it is alone — one that you should not worry about. The truth is, one could mean that there’s more. Without you knowing it, an entire fa...


What Does Indoor Mold Signify?

Almost everyone has a negative image of indoor mold, yet the same organism led to the discovery of penicillin. Without it, millions would have lost their lives. Sauternes, Auslese, and other irresistible wines ...


Preventing Mold to Spread in Your Home

When flooding inside your home has occurred, whether due to natural disasters or a plumbing emergency, it’s vital that you carry out damage control measures as soon as possible. This means drying out your...