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Dentist holding a veneer to the patient

The Four Stages of Dental Implants

In Buckinghamshire, dental implants are a great way to replace lost teeth. Anyone who has lost a tooth or wears dentures knows the trials and tribulations of not being able to bite, chew and speak as normal. Su...


Disrupted Sleep? Check Your Sheets

Feeling too cold or hot is one the many things that can disrupt your sleep. This makes it important to check your bedding or blanket. If the sheets feel too hot, it will leave you tossing and turning. When you ...

The Importance of Early Dental Care for Your Children

  • November 9, 2017
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How important is it to bring your children to the dentist on a regular basis? Well, extremely important! The fact of the matter is that as soon as children have teeth, they can get cavities, sooner or later. Th...


Venous Stenting Treatment for Nutcracker Syndrome

The Nutcracker Syndrome is a rare vascular disease affecting the left vein of the kidney. The arteries near the kidney compress the vein, causing blood to backflow to the nearest veins, which then swell. The te...