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Botox Injections: Why It Continues to Gain Popularity

In the US, Botox injections remain one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. In fact, it tops the list of the most sought-after minimally-invasive procedures in the country. The year 2016 alone has seen 7 mi...


Quitting Smoking: What Will Happen to Your Body?

If you are thinking of quitting smoking, you will be doing yourself a big favor. Apart from saving money, you can also benefit your overall health and start to look and feel good. You may not fully realize it, ...


Physical Fitness Tips for Diabetics

If you have diabetes, you know too well that there are a lot of adjustments that you need to make for your body to keep healthy and stable. For one, you will need to change your diet plan. This is a big adjustm...


Invisible Braces That Work: Combining the Benefits of Traditional and Discreet Orthodontics

To some people, straight teeth and a perfect smile have always come at a cost. To others, having to live with conventional wires or braces didn’t do well for their confidence or self-esteem. Then why are ther...

Singapore: A Red Dot in a Sea of Colour

  • September 28, 2017
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When planning a trip, people tend to choose places that not only give them amazing memories and experiences but also allow them to create the most interesting photos for their social media accounts, like Insta...