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Exercise Plans for the Elderly and Disabled

The benefits of exercise are well-known. Regular workouts maintain a healthy weight, prevent diabetes and depression and benefit the heart. Despite this, seniors may find it difficult to exercise. A personal tr...

orthodontist working on a patient

What is Orthodontics in Harley Street?

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that is concerned with the harmony of the teeth, mouth and jaws. It aims to bring these facial structures into alignment and straightens smiles using braces and other den...

little girl wading at a public pool

Cool Your Children Off during the Summer Heat — Here Is How

Temperatures can skyrocket during the summer in Australia, and even in Autumn or Spring, you occasionally have hot days. Naturally, you will be doing all you can to keep yourself cool. Are you keeping your kids...

Teeth Whitening

Three Questions About Teeth Whitening

Many people are now exploring the possibilities of achieving a brighter smile with a treatment like teeth whitening in Belfast. Some may immediately have questions they want to ask before treatment. For others,...

Child with missing teeth

Great New Teeth

When people start to lose their teeth, they face a whole host of options from which they have to decide how to go forward in a new way of being. There they are, with actual body parts missing, and they have to ...