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Is It Smart to Move Your Financial Data to the Cloud?

Many industries use cloud computing to manage their business’s data. It essentially means that you store and access data over the Internet instead of a computer’s hard drive. Here, everything you need synch...


What You Need to Qualify for an FHA Loan Program

The mortgage industry today is more complex than ever as mortgage regulations continue to pour in. Thus, the public clamor for deregulation and simplifying the system. This article covers the FHA...

A Trick to Lowering Your Monthly Mortgage Payments

  • May 11, 2017
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As of the last quarter of 2016, the overall debt that consumers in the U.S. owe towards mortgages amount to $8.48 trillion. Add to this all other types of loans and it means that on average, an American househ...


How to Start Your Business with a Loan

When you want to establish or start a business here in Ogden, naturally, you have to consider financing or funding. Most people lack the savings to jumpstart their business, which leaves them usually with two o...

Mortgage Application

Mortgage Applications Decrease Amid Falling National Average Rates

Several key national mortgage rate averages dropped a few weeks ago. Both the average rates of the 30-year fixed and 15-year fixed mortgages fell. You can check average rates here in Utah for a local perspectiv...

Mortgage Refinance

When Refinancing Makes for a Financially-Sound Decision

There are many good reasons to refinance, one of which is to trim down the overall cost of a mortgage. Borrowers who can reduce their interest rate by not less than one percent are good candidates for this prog...


Improve your Business Recruitment Process

Millennial job seekers and employees can be an unpredictable group of individuals. You first encounter the challenge of recruiting the right employees. When you have passed that first hurdle, you will inevitab...


Independent Contractors: How do they File Taxes?

Everyone dreams of running their own business and being their own boss someday. But, there are times when you would wish to be an employee once more because of certain conveniences like filing and paying taxes....


Business Tax: Keeping Accurate and Compliant Tax Records

To lower your business tax bill, you could offset your expenses against your income. However, you must keep clear records and relevant receipts, which means that all your records must be complete and accurate. ...


Real Estate Opportunities: Invest in a Multifamily Home

When it comes to real estate opportunities, investing in a multifamily home can be one of the best ways to ensure continued growth. Not only can you be assured of a steady income, it is also much easier to get ...


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Could You Keep Your Car?

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, federal and majority of state laws enable bankruptcy filers to exempt a certain amount of equity in their motor vehicles. This is referred to as the motor vehicle bankruptcy exemption...

Homeowners Insurance: How Much Do You Need

  • February 15, 2017
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A homeowners insurance is a bundle of various coverage types that apply in different situations that affect you as a homeowner. However, you won’t be able to choose which category you want because you’re r...