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Details of a Classic American Muscle Car

Get The Best Price For Your Classic Car With These Strategies

There are plenty of reasons people sell the classic cars they own, and why you will find many ads about these for-sale beauties all the time. Some put it up for sale because they can no longer deal with the fea...

Car dealer giving couple their new car keys

A Guide in Choosing the Right Car Dealer

Are you planning to get a new or used car anytime soon? There are several dealers to choose from wherever you are in the US. According to the National Automobile Dealers Association, as of 2016, there are ...


Basic Safety Precautions to Take While Using an Auto Lift

Car and automotive lifts save time, especially when you need to repair your vehicle. The lift makes the lower portion of the car easy to access. Automobile lifts are an essential part of your garage supplies. T...


4 Car Maintenance Hacks You Need to Know

You cannot underestimate the power of good car maintenance. Keeping your vehicle in good running condition is important to ensure a safe, comfortable and enjoyable ride. In case you lack proper knowledge of veh...

Headlight of a red car being buffed

How To Prepare And Protect Your Brand New Porsche

Most people think a brand-new car doesn’t need any car care just yet. That’s because when you hear “brand-new”, you automatically assume it’s that vehicle standing in the showroom...


3 Reasons Why You Need Puncture-Proof Tyres for Your Earthmoving Equipment

Earthmoving equipment like bulldozers, backhoes, tractors and harvesters, are essential to major construction projects like roads and buildings. These behemoths traverse through virtually all types of terrain ...


Junk or Save? Is Your Old Car Still Worth the Repair Money?

Your friends may call it ancient, but you love your car. It brings back memories, and it has character, but it also stops working after a certain time, and sometimes during the most inconvenient circumstances Y...


May the Force Unlock Your Car

While we only know of mind-control from Star Wars and other sci-fi flicks, the brain-driven car of Associate Professor Duan Feng seems both far-fetched and inspiring. Will we truly be able to move a car just by...


Caring for Your Car’s Engine and Body

Cars go through a lot of punishment every day. Especially if it’s your daily transport, and even if your drive only involves getting from your home to your place of work and back. The area of your daily driv...


Buying a Used Truck: Is It worth It?

A prosperous market for used commercial trucks continues to exist despite vehicle manufacturers releasing new models every year. You will find many pre-owned trucks for sale online, in sites such as Commerce...


4 Mistakes to Avoid When Switching Car Insurance

Are you no longer happy with your current auto insurance provider? While there’s no harm in switching car insurance companies, you have to make sure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible. One way t...


4 Factors to Help Boost Fleet Productivity

Productivity is important to every business. For enterprises that deliver goods and services to a wide range of clientele, however, both fleet and employee productivity are equal in importance. Here are some w...