Top shot of a motor boatRepairing or replacing decks ought to make them better, more reliable, and long lasting. It is your choice of wood that determines the longevity and durability of the structure. Why waste resources with haphazard decision-making?

Here are some qualities of the best materials for your decks.

Resistance to moisture and decay

What do you need from a wood species to make it effective for decking purposes? Are you wondering what materials comprise the decks here in Rockport? Decay-resistant lumber species are the most suited for marine applications.

The natural oils of seasoned hardwoods make them ideal not only for decking but also for hull construction. For instance, the high moisture resistance and reliability of teak, greenheart, African Blackwood, and white oak make them high priority options for boat makers.

Meanwhile, okoume wood is a favorite among boat makers for boat flooring since it responds well to damp, especially when sealed and laminated. Marine grade plywood also passes quality control requirements for ship interiors.

Get dry wood

When you wander into a supply depot for choosing wood for a decking project, ignore the woodpile outside. You may get them for a bargain, but you want dry lumber, not wood exposed to wetness, which is already prone to shrinkage. Moreover, do not settle for wood that did not go proper harvesting.

There are varieties that you will find have FSC trademark, which means they went through sourcing responsibly.

Affordable species to look for

Softwoods should serve you purpose. Start with reddish-brown Western Red Cedar. The stained version is better for decks. Redwood is another soft wood that comes highly recommended. Make sure to use a high-quality sealant. Mahogany is a great option as well. It is a hardwood with many different varieties.

Additional treatment makes it tougher and more resistant to rot. When cedar and redwood ages they acquire a gray color. Meanwhile, when mahogany ages it turns silvery.

Be smart when choosing lumber for your new deck. Do not repeat the mistakes of the past. Invest in the right type of wood and enjoy a lovely and functional deck for many years to come.