Security Guards

Being a security guard is no joke, especially if you work in a highly-sensitive facility during quiet hours of the night. Apart from that, it’s easy to lose the job to someone younger or friendlier.

So how do you stay on top of your game and become a valued employee of your agency or company?

Experts in the field have put together these three key pieces of advice that every security guard needs to hear:

1. Know the layout

One of the most important parts of your job is to now about every possible entrance, exit and even hiding place of your area. If something untoward happens and you need to investigate, knowing the floor plan or map of your area is crucial. What’s more, people expect you to be able to give good directions. How can you rush off to an emergency when you don’t know where something is in your building?

2. Never stop learning

Your agency or company should provide you with a comprehensive training and assessment that experts can conduct. It’s important that your clients or employer sees that you take it upon yourself to improve your skills every three months or so. Some new training is needed to learn about current threats and how to address them. You can also get training on dealing with stressful situations and other issues.

3. The gym is your friend

A security guard who is physically fit and healthy takes less sick days and is more dependable. If you can run faster, lift heavier objects and react better, then you’re already at an advantage compared to anyone who wants to do something bad in your area. You can act better in physical situations and defend yourself and your building better.

Keep in mind that these three things are just the tip of the iceberg. You have to learn so much more and be more aware if you want to be a better guard.