Fuel nearing emptyFuel economy is a topic circulating among drivers in the past few years. But what really is it? Simply put, it is the amount of fuel a car consumes at a certain distance traveled.

Improving the fuel economy is an important way for a car driver to save up on fuel expenses while helping fight against climate change.

The following tips are ways to improve the fuel economy of your car.

Have regular car maintenance

Having your car checked in a repair facility every three to six months is a good way to ensure that there is no damage to the parts. This affects the fuel economy in a positive away as you check the engine to ensure that its performance is at a maximum level.

An automotive repair center in Salt Lake City also helps in the replacement of tires.

Do not leave your car on idle

Leaving your car on idle for more than a minute means that your car consumes as much as a gallon of gasoline for every hour. To avoid this from happening, go on a full stop instead of putting the automobile on idle.

Use cruise control

According to a few studies, the use of cruise control makes the consumption of gasoline more efficient. Cars can save up to as much as 6 percent gasoline while being driven.

Change the air filter regularly

Not replacing the air filter every few months can use up more gasoline. Read the car manual for you to know the recommended frequency of replacement.

See, a good fuel economy is a matter of efficiency as to how much gasoline is being used by the car. You will be able to maximize the use of the fuel that you spend money on a daily basis, as you achieve more savings.