Surgeon uses electrosurgeryElectrosurgery is a skin therapy that uses high radio frequency. Use of high quality and sterile electrosurgical equipment is standard in every operating room. This is to ensure the best results and the safety of patients.

But before you hold those non-stick bipolar forceps or any other surgical tools, keep these things in mind:

1. Proper Knowledge

it is important to understand the use of every piece of equipment in your facility before using it. Medical school offers practical lessons on the primary use of medical tools and equipment. A little research also goes a long way in acquiring the necessary knowledge.

2. Read Instructions

With the continuous revolution in the medical sector, technological advances accompany the new state. New devices are being invented to improve people’s lives. Most of these pieces of equipment are present in the operating room. It is important that you know how to use those items. You can gain this knowledge by reading the manual or the instructions on the label.

3. Check or test the equipment

Before the procedure, be sure to test out all units to determine their condition. Regular checks and maintenance are always advisable. Of course, you do not need to test disposable items. Just check if they are not damaged or do not have factory defects.

Consider the design of the equipment to prevent any accident. For example, non-stick bipolar forceps are a better option when handling tissues, veins, and other small items during an operation.

Adequate and constant training goes a long way in ensuring a safe and successful procedure. It is important to exercise safety around electrosurgical units to prevent injuries. Always follow the protocol and put the health, safety and welfare of patients on top of everything.