What are the Professional Methods of Cockroach Extermination?

Most homes and offices are a haven for cockroaches. They present a place where these pests can get warmth and food, and reproduce all year round. The battle against cockroaches, however, is inefficient with DI...

Carpet floor being vacuumed

Carpet Water Damage: 5 Things to Remember

Whether caused by a leak, flooding, spills, or any other type of accident, water damage on carpets is a nightmare to deal with – and can come with a whole lot of problems if not addressed immediately. Types ...


Making Your Mark in the American Pet Industry

The American pet industry is earning billions of dollars on a yearly basis, and for many veterinarians, the market is big enough for their practices to expand and reach a sizeable number of customers. A report ...

Child with missing teeth

Great New Teeth

When people start to lose their teeth, they face a whole host of options from which they have to decide how to go forward in a new way of being. There they are, with actual body parts missing, and they have to ...


Dental Anxiety in Kids: What You Can Do

If the parents are afraid of going to the dentist, it is also likely for their kids to have the same fear. But sometimes, even if other family members have no problem seeing the dentist, younger children can be...